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✧・゚*:Non-Pokemon Wish List*:・゚✧

This is my official non-Pokemon wish/wants post! Everything listed below, which is in alphabetical order by the English title, is what I am currently looking for in order to expand my collection. In addition to this list, I have another for Pokemon related items and would appreciate any and all help in finding those items! My Pokemon wish list can be found at this link!

Condition does not matter as long as it was treated nicely (i.e. no stains, tears, smoke smell, odd odors, markings, etc.) unless it is specified by the item. Some items are marked according to priority, but some are marked as an "Impossa-want". An "Impossa-want" is a self-made term used for items that are like a dream item for me; they're like grails because I don't really see me finding or owning them (but I am always looking!). I am very lenient and open to offers, but please do not be offended if I refuse! Strikethroughs means the item has been found and/or it is on its way :D

All images being used belong to their respective owners and were obtained using the following sites: Google Images, Yahoo Japan Auctions, eBay, or Tomopop. If any of these images belong to you, please let me know so I can promptly give you credit or remove it.

Last Updated: 29 Oct. 2021


Digimon Beanie / Kuta Chara

-Calumon Beanie

-Gomamon Beanie Low Want
JPN ver. preferred

-Guilmon Beanie

-Halsemon Beanie Impossa-want 2
Longshot 2. He definitely does not have to be MWT. I have a price in mind, so if anyone is selling one or see ones for sale, please let me know!

-Marineangemon Beanie

-Pegasusmon Beanie Impossa-want 1
It's a big longshot, but I am looking for one with some of the vinyl still intact, in good condition, or in salvagable condition. I don't really mind one way or the other if I could even find one. He definitely does not have to be MWT. I have a price in mind, so if anyone is selling one or see ones for sale, please let me know!

-Renamon Beanie Very High Want!
MWT preferred
She doesn't have to be MWT like the image because she's hard enough to find as is, but she does have to be legitimate and clean with most/some of the original vinyl arm bands remaining.

-Laying Terriermon Beanie

-Tokomon Beanie
MWT / JPN ver.

-Indonesian Beanie Plush Very High Want!
I am looking for any of the ones pictured plus any others from the same series that are not pictured! Tokomon, Gatomon, Gabumon, and Patamon are my top priority, but I would love to find them all.
|photo credit: Discord|

Digimon Plush & Figures

-Black WarGreymon Plush
Any condition is fine as long as there is not excessive peeling on the vinyl parts.

-Kyubimon Banpresto Plush
MWT preferred, but I am looking for one with the vinyl intact.

-Life-size Meicoomon Plush
MWT preferred

-(AUS) Patamon Plush

-Banpresto Renamon Mascot Plush

-Reversible Tokomon/Patamon Plush
|Photo Credit: ASourLemon|

-Tokomon DX Plush

-Kudamon Figure

-Sleeping Tokomon Squishy Figure

-Tokomon Figure Bank


Big Hero 6

-Big Hero 6 Christmas Movie Promo Postcard

-Hong Kong Baymax Mug Pin

-Shanghai Disney Pin Trading Fun Day: Winter Baymax Pin

-LE 200 Jumbo Surprise Baymax Pin

-Movie Anniversary Cast Pin

-Mochi with San Fransokyo Sign Pin

-LE 100 Big Hero 6 Family Hug Fantasy Pin

-Megabot Battle Bot LE 50 Fantasy Pin

-Armored Baymax and Nurse Baymax FiGPiNs: Armored Baymax Glitter Chase Version
I am just looking for the Armored Baymax Glitter Chase.

-Disney Store Japan Glitter Baymax Keychain

m779550422_1 copy.jpg
-Big Hero 6 Baymax Pouch Accessory
MWT preferred

m779550422_1 copy.jpg
-Baymax Plush with Smart Phone Stylus Medium Want!

-Baymax Disney Report Japan Summer Vacation Mascot Plush

-Disney Store Japan Baymax with Mochi Sitting Plush

-Disney Store Japan Baymax and Mochi Picture Book Plush

-Disney Crystal Season Acrylic Stand

-Yama Crossy Road Figure High Want!
*I have some extra Crossy Road figures in my sales that I would be willing to trade for Mr. Yama. I'm also willing to throw in some money. If interested, please let me know!*

-Big Hero 6 Delux (9) Figure Set High Want!
I don't mind a little damage to the plastic as long as it's not crushed and everyone inside is okay.

-D23 Expo Baymax Mr. Ochappi Original Clay Figure Impossa-want

-Disney (Crew Only) Big Hero 6 Baymax & Hiro Maquette Impossa-want

-Disney (Crew Only) Big Hero 6 Armored Baymax Maquette Impossa-want

-Disney Resort Japan Baymax Face Plate

-Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsum Eco Bag

-Baymax Neck Pillow
MWT preferred

-Baymax Heart Cushion
MWT preferred

-Disney Hong Kong Baymax Necklace
|Photo Credit: Facebook - Rachel Chan|

-Baymax Watch

-Baymax Fila Baymax

-Fall Out Boy Immortals/Big Hero 6 Vinyl Bundle Poster & Vinyl
The bundle includes a vinyl record, CD soundtrack, and a poster, but I'm looking for the poster.

-Tadashi Hamada Merchandise
I am also on the lookout for (almost) any and all types of merchandise of Tadashi. And customs! f you have any or have seen any, please let me know!


-Frozen: Olaf's Frozen Adventure Micro Tsum Tsum Set

-Frozen 2 Tsum Tsum Set

-JPN Elsa Speaking and Signing Plush Doll
MIB preferred

-Japanese Anna Speaking and Signing Plush Doll
MIB preferred

-Frozen: Olaf's Frozen Adventure LE Elsa Doll
I would prefer to find Elsa with her sister, but Elsa has priority. I do have a price in mind, so if anyone has one or sees one for sale, please let me know!

-Frozen: Olaf's Frozen Adventure LE Anna Doll


-Snowglobes: Lilo & Stitch-Ducklings/ Lion King-Mufasa & Simba

I don't need the box although it is preferred whenever I need to store it. Just working condition with no breaks, leaks, or scratches is fine.

[Fullmetal Alchemist]Fullmetal Alchemist

-Riza Hawkeye & Black Hayate Pin



-White Kurama Prototype Holy Grail!
I'm looking for the White Kurama Proto and any other protos of Kurama. There are two prototypes of this figure that I know exist, which are pictured above. I'm looking for an all white one. I think it exists, but I don't know if it does.
If you have seen it, please let me know!


-Mario Maurer Pop (White Shirt Ver.) Very High Want!
MIB w/the Sg Fan Club Exclusive sticker


Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru*

-Kiba Button

-Kiba Inuzuka (Shippuden Ver.) Weekly Jump Character Pin Very High Want!

-Kiba Inuzuka Animate Birthday Charm Very High Want!

-Kiba: Naruto Shippuden World Collectible Figure
For now, he's my main (possible holy) grail for my Naruto collection until I find more information about him. He's just so beautiful ^///^ I don't know if the series was produced since I've never seen one (or the others) for sale.

-Kiba Masashi Altaya Planeta Agostini Figure

-(Naruto Shippuden) Kiba Inuzuka Settei
Besides this one, I'll accept almost any type of sketch, settei, or cel of Kiba as long as he looks badass  ;)

-(Naruto Shippuden) Akamaru Settei

-(Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals): Chibi Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Settei/ Chibi Three-Headed Wolf Settei

-(Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals): Chibi Kiba Inuzuka & Akamaru Genga

-Tanukiya Honpo Souvenir: Akamaru Hanging Keychain
This was sold at a souvenir shop in a corner of the Southern Odori.

-Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox*

-Nine-Tailed Fox Ring
It's made of 925 Sterling Silver and has a Garnet stone to accent. It was made by B.L.C. and came out in 2009 according to AmiAmi. (And...its been bootleg :/ )

-Nine-Tailed Fox Pendant (Very High Want!)
Like the ring, it's made of 925 Sterling Silver and has a Garnet stone. It was released in 2009.

-Nine-Tailed Fox Settei
Besides this one, I'm also open to any other settei or cels of the big guy especially when he was a little cub.

-Nine-Tails Etched Bookmark

-Nine-Tailed Fox Pin

-Nine-Tailed Fox Button

-Jump Festa Kurama Acrylic Keychain

-Naruto & Boruto J-World Kurama Acrylic Standee

-Custom Kurama Plush

-Custom Kuraa-ma/Kurama Plush
This is the limited edition plush from the "Parent and Child Day" episode of Boruto.

-Custom Shukaa ku/Shukaku Plush
This was the other plush from the "Parent and Child Day" episode of Boruto.

screen-shot-2018-05-29-at-12-59-21-pm_orig.png 51dX9frCXKL.jpg
-Tanukiya Honpo Souvenirs
These were sold at a souvenir shop in a corner of the Southern Odori. I am looking for the following: Young Kurama Wooden Charm, Naruto-Kyuubi Transformation Wooden Charm, Hanging Kurama Keychain, Naruto-Kyuubi Transformation Cling Badge, Kurama Coaster, Matatabi Leather Doll, and Kurama Leather Doll.

*'Although the ones above have priority, I'm open to almost any item(s) that isn't listed above. There are so many items for Kiba and Kurama that I have yet to discover.


-Capcom Bar Okami Coin

-Okami Zodiac Mini Wooden Charms Very High Want!
I am looking for all the ones pictured except the ones X'ed out. The ones circled have priority over the others. Currently, I am looking for the Dog, Cat, Rat, Boar, Snake, Horse, Rooster, Sheep, and Ox.

-Capcom Cafe Okami Acrylic Keychain

-2019 Udon Entertainment Okami Pins

-Okami Capcom Bar Tote Bag

-Okami Lottery Prizes
 I am looking for all items pictured except the tote bag, but the keychains take priority.

-Okami Prize Banner Impossa-want!
I have very little information about this, but I believe it was only given to a select few in 2018 through a Twitter giveaway.

-Okami Paper Headband

-Okami Picture Set

-Okami Sake and Soy Sauce Bottles Very High Want!
These items were used to help raise funds for the tsunami relief in Japan. I saw two for sale years ago, but I can't find anymore.

-Okami Tsunami Relief T-shirt
This short was released along with the sake and soy sauce bootles and was used to help raise funds for the tsunami relief in Japan.

-Okami Statute
I would prefer to find one with the box.

-(True Form) Ninetails with Ninestrike Custom Plush

[Sly Cooper]Sly Cooper

-Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Promo Pin

-Sly Cooper Zipper Pull

-Sly Cooper Ornament High Want!

-Sly Cooper Magnet Set of 5

-Sly Cooper Postcard Set

-Sly Cooper Band of Thieves Double-sided Poster

-Sly Cooper Mug

|All pictures belong to Sly Cooper Fan Network,|

[Wolf Children]Wolf Children

-Wolf Children: Hana and Wolf Man Art Print

-Wolf Children Flower Necklace

-Wolf Children Plate

-Wolf Children Ame and Yuki Movie Premier Plush Incredbile Impossa-want!

These two are a highly unlikely want and would be a dream to own. I don't have much information about these, but they appear to be custom made and were made for the movie release in Japan. I have seen them for sale in Japan by one seller, but have since lost the listing.

Thank you for looking! If you have any information or tips, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or send a PM!

Happy Hunting!
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